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In 2018 Nick Shanman hired a bunch of his idiot friends to make a ridiculous YouTube pilot...

Today, IMBM has over 500 million views worldwide and has found a home performing live in NYC. 


Our shows are a series of dark, weird, hilarious sketches ranging from Disney parodies to historical musicals, to some slightly controversial topics you've always wanted to address.


Every show is brand new, completely original, and absolutely absurd. We're bringing funny back.

Grab tickets to our next show May 11th in NYC or come see us at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August!

Created by

Nick Shanman

IMBM Cast Members

Kelly Baker, Justin Cooper, Justin DeSilets, Jackson Hinden, Sean Mana, Allison McHugh, Emma Rylands, Nick Shanman, & Kaya Simmons

IMBM Lighting Designer

Patrick Moriarty


IMBM Sound Designer

Shino Frances

IMBM Stage Manager

Alex Wade

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